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A Legal Proceeding

It's your case. Know what you want, and ASK for it. Be careful: you may get it, so be sure.

If you are truly NOT interested in the best interest of your child(ren), STOP now You have 18 years to deal with this human, revenge never wins in court or in life - don't blow it!


In real estate, the most important thing is location, location, location. In litigation the most important thing is preparation, preparation, preparation, preparation.

Read Elizabeth Kubler Ross, "on Death and Dying" will give you a clue, or maybe several.

Begin a DAILY journal now. Then complete it every day, and go backwards to the relevant event. Include names, addresses and phone numbers (work and home and FAX) for all witnesses.

Many people are supportive, and make useful suggestions them.

Keep a complete chronologically updated file with pleadings summarized for easy access, and correspondence and documentation and case law in separate files. Always date documents as they are received and check postmarks, and certificate of service against actual date received.

Obtain a blank yearlong calendar for every year necessary. Use colored marks to show due dates, dates of payment for child support, scheduled visitations, denied visitations or anything else that stands out as a pattern, or should occur on a regular basis

KNOW everything about your case including, but not limited to the following:

  • Judge and Master
  • Court Clerks and case Number
  • Bailiff and Court Reported
  • Quirks of all of the above; Always mention something of interest to them- BE Nice.
  • Location of all pertinent rooms; Days and times motions are heard, and by whom.
  • Visit the courtroom frequently and read everything in your file.



If your are filing pleadings, you better know what YOU are signing Because YOU are held accountable. Therefore, know what the controlling law (statutes) and case law are and be ready to discuss them intelligently. Always say thank you even when you are losing badly.

Always be factual and tell the truth even when you think it hurts. It hurts a lot more to be found out a liar or someone not telling the whole truth. Errors of omission are as bad or worse than commission.

NEVER make your opinions known at the courthouse save your comments for your trusted friends.

Get a theme for your case from the patterns you find in your journals and calendars and stick to it. Document everything. Tape telephone calls, if in the state of Texas, and always send a letter (certified + by regular mail) rather than having a conversation without a witness. Take pictures with you in them.

Learn the Rules of Evidence and Procedure they aren a joke. Take all the courses you can to teach you what you need to know including how to do legal research. Learning the law is like learning a foreign language it takes three years to get through law school don think you can shortchange the system.

Never mention anyone gave you advice me you pay for it and they are probably on making suggestions anyway then be responsible for your actions, and the effect that will have on the persons coming after you.

Just because somebody gives you a form doesn mean that it can be changed until the judge signs it. After the fudge sings it you still can appeal it everything is negotiable.

Bad excuses that don work: "Yeah, but" or "Cuz"


Consider Alternative dispute resolution as a first resort not last option and settle everything you can in the BEST INTERESTS OF YOUR CHILD(REN).

Good Luck!

Linda Hack
Professional, Neutral Attorney, Arbitrator, Mediator, Judge

This non-profit offer all a path to a better future with our children. Take the time to find out more.
  -- Frank L. - New York, NY

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