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Are Hyperactivity Asthma Obesity & Diabetes On Your Child's Menu?

By: Lisa Poisso

Feeding FrenzyYou wouldn't dream of letting your child run out into a busy street, would you? Yet, did you know that allowing a steady diet of cheese pizza, chicken nuggets, chocolate chip cookies and even some so-called packaged health foods is about as reckless?

As parents, we are programmed to feed our kids a full tummy is a happy tummy (and happy mommy), right? But, how many of us are letting them eat whatever (and giving into to the drive-thru) rather than cooking with a plan and some serious label reflection? Let's face it, convenience trumps thoughtfulness. As a result, the foods children chow down on daily are responsible for a growing epidemic of health problems (not to mention fatness), according to nutrition experts.

Couple quick-fix meals with either too much information (or not enough) about nutrition and you've got a new kind of feeding frenzy in the modern family.

The problem is there's just so much out there that people come in and say I don't know what to believe,laments Dee Rollins, Ph.D., a registered dietitian with Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine. Americans are dangling somewhere in between the realization that additives are bad for your health and the acceptance that with this stuff dominating our diets, we're going to have to make some major changes if we want our kids to grow up eating healthy foods. Read more...

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