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What is child abuse?

Child abuse happens when someone harms a child on purpose.

How can someone abuse you?

  • Physically, by hitting and hurting you with a hand, a flat, a foot, or with some kind of object like an extension cord, or belt.
  • Sexually, when someone touches your private parts, like where your bathing suit or underwear covers, or makes you touch the private parts of his or her body.
  • Verbally, when someone like your parent calls you a name like "stupid" and makes you feel very bad with his or her words.

What do you do if someone abuses you?

  • If someone abuses you, tell your parents, a relative, a teacher, or some other adult you trust. Most adults will believe you.
  • If one adult does not believe you, do not give up. Keep telling people until you feel safe.
  • If someone has hurt you and told you not to tell, tell anyway. Keeping secrets can make you feel bad. Letting out bad secrets will make you feel better.
  • If someone touches you and it makes you feel funny or wierd, it is okay to ask questions, to say "no", or to get away.

Things to Remember

  • Sometimes strangers abuse kids, but sometimes kids are abused by someone they know like a parent, relative, teacher, or a family friend.
  • Abuse is never your fault.
  • If someone abuses you, rememeber to TELL, TELL, TELL!
  • Talk to an adult you trust.
  • Call the police immediately..Dial 911
  • Call the Child Abuse Hotline...Dial 1-800-252-5400
  • 2006 Child Abuse Prevention Kit

Fathers For Equal Rights is doing an amazing job! Y'all keep up the good work!
  -- Jonathan C. - Dallas, TX

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