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Katy Building DallasPromoting A Child's Right To Have Quality Access To Both Parents

Serving Fathers, Mothers and Grandparents in Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas and North America through a referral network of professionals to promote core family values that strive toward "What is in the Best interests of our children and grandchildren."

Can You Hug Your Child Today?

We are the largest Fathers & Mothers group in North America serving families primarily in Texas with a referral network of counselors and family law attorneys to promote "what is in the best interest of our children."

FER was originally formed in 1974 to assist Fathers who were unable to see their children.  FER is now serving Mothers and Grandparents who need assistance as well.  Our organization serves all socioeconomic levels from the impoverished (unable to afford legal counsel) to those that are extremely affluent that are needing help from legal counsel, life coaches and counselors to assist with the preparation of social studies and psychological evaluations.  FER involvement and referrals have assisted over 500,000 families improve the quality of life for children and promote “what is in the best interest” of our children.

Father's For Equal Rights is designed to provide "hands on access and help” for members with family law issues.

Fathers For Equal Rights is such a great help to people in need!
  -- Joe & Rachel B. - Fort Worth, TX

FER Sponsors